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Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd has been developed in America possibly from the Basque Shepherd Dogs which accompanied Merino sheep arriving from Australia in the 19th Century, or from the German Koolie, another colourful dog still working in Australia today. As the Australian Shepherd carries the natural bobtail gene, it is possible the Smithfield is involved in the breed's ancestry.
Mandy with some Aussies

American stockmen were impressed with these "little blue dogs" which worked both cattle and sheep and guarded stock and homestead while amusing children. They came to prominence in the USA when performing with rodeo clowns - amazing audiences with their tricks and agility. In fact, so unique and delightful were these dogs that Walt Disney Studios produced two movies featuring them: 'Stub, The World's Greatest Cow Dog' and 'Run, Appaloosa, Run'.

The medium sized dog has a wonderful range of colours: blue merle, red merle, black, red. Both solid colours have a white and copper trim. An Aussie's eyes can be blue, brown, amber or any variation of the three. So distinctive are the blue-eyed Australian Shepherds that the American Indians called them the "Ghost Eyed ones" and legend has it they held them with such reverence that this "spirit" dog and their owners were left unharmed.

This versatile breed makes it a wonderful family pet, enjoying agility and obediance, playing frisbee and flyball with enthusiasm. The dogs are also utilised in rescue work and as support dogs for disabled people, allowing them greater independance. 

Leesway Australian Shepherd Dogs are from imported bloodlines from USA, Sweden and the UK. Puppy and breed enquires are welcome.

Velvet Rush Flyball
Foundation Stock
'Tessa' and 'Aussie' the Walkabout Dogs, first ever to be officially exhibited in Australia at Sydney Royal Easter Show in April 1993, prior to the recognition of the breed.
The two sons of 'Tessa' and 'Aussie', Ch Leesway Tango In Blue and Ch Leesway Just Magic
English Stock

Ch. Mareith Dylesian Treasure 'Rally'

Leesway Spice Of Life 'Spice'
After seeing 'Rally's father, Propwash Ebbtide Zinfandel, in England, I immediately ordered progeny from this sire. Mother of Australia's first home bred Grand Champion Leesway Spice Of Life who has his own website.
Swedish Stock

Mr Binks Leesway Fairoaks Drum 'Drum' 'Drum' is my Swedish import from Fairoaks Sami Jo and by Starstuffs Still Crazy.
American Stock

Aus. and Am. Ch. Ebtide Foreign Affair Imp. USA 'Whitney'

Ch. Leesway Yankee Lad I.I.D. 'Yankee'
'Yankee' and 'Dream', born in quarantine by Levi Dockers of Heatherhill and Ebbtide Foreign Affair who was by My Main Man Of Heatherhill out of Ebbtide A Bee In Your Bonnet.

Many more American Foundation Stock not shown...